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Environmentally Responsible Solutions


The pace of innovation and advancement in the wireless industry is staggering with new generations of devices offering benefits to users that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago. The downside of that innovation, however, is that users are frequently upgrading their devices and in turn millions of functioning devices are retired each year. These devices could potentially end up in landfills and pollute the environment with toxic chemicals found in the unit’s batteries and electronics. To proactively support the ever changing wireless industry, GoExceed offers environmentally responsible trade-in solutions, enterprise buyback programs, and repair/reclamation services.

Our Current Certifications


Our robust environmental management system includes ISO14001 and R2 Environmental Certifications. We also maintain a NO LANDFILL Policy and comply with all relevant federal, state and local legislation, as well as actively assisting our customers with their compliance requirements.


  • Functioning devices are data-wiped to ensure security
  • Usable devices are repaired and resold, diverting them from the waste stream
  • Devices deemed unusable are destroyed and disposed of in responsible ways
  • All batteries removed from the wireless devices we collect are recycled in EPA and R2 certified facilities


  • Certificate of Destruction for recycled devices is given for your records
  • Proper disposal of your corporate wireless equipment is GUARANTEED
  • Eliminate possibility of fines and lawsuits for improper disposal procedures
  • Ensure your business is in compliance of local, state, and federal environmental disposal laws

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