Carrier Request

Single Pane Of Glass For Device Ordering

Carrier Request Features

Advanced ordering system supported by a responsive team

A 7X faster ordering system integrated into the backbone of the carrier(s) business ordering portal to provide additional function, savings, and control. Backed by a responsive USA-based help desk support team for all carrier requests with a focus on speed, automation, and high level customer service.


    • Hardware Standards and Pricing Management
    • Multiple level of access for users
    • Carrier Contract Pricing (Same Hardware and Shipping Cost)
    • Hardware Pricing Management
    • Order Routing, Order Approval
    • Configuration and Kitting
    • Lifecycle Management
    • USA Help Desk
Solve(X) Platform Order and Request

Large Project Ports, Rollouts and Refreshes

Ongoing Ordering Of New Redeployed & Refurbished Management

OneSYNC & Process Automation

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