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High Data Mitigation|Invoice Auditing|Hardware Procurement|Pool Management|Lifecycle Management|Cost Center Allocation|Support

Automated Data Asset Mobile Management (ADAMM)

Built on Azure, Mobil(X) INTERPRETS & REDUCES your monthly wireless charges by utilizing machine learning technology and real-time data pool management while custom API’s IMPLEMENT savings directly with your wireless carrier(s). In addition, OneSYNC will fully integrate with your MDM, help desk ticketing, asset management, carrier portal, HR, and ERP systems, to automate additional savings opportunities, manage assets and ensure data integrity.


Inventory system for Mobile and other IT-related assets, including new, refurbed, and remarketing equipment


Bill Audit that identify cost savings opportunities and provides detailed billing information


Streamline moves, adds, changes, and deactivations for all carriers. Backup with an Elite Mobil(Care) team

Deployed Inventory

Visibility into asset details to equipment that is deployed through carrier, MDM, or AM


Data-driven insights into your wireless carriers utilizing Power BI (Business Intelligence)


Agnostic API platform that can read and re-write your cellular data to all your vital enterprise and partner systems

Mobil(X) Portal

Powered by Microsoft

Never use your wireless carrier’s portal again! The Mobil(X) Portal, solves the complexity of “too much” data. Utilizing Azure, PowerBI, and Neural, Mobil(X) serves as a best in class “backbone” for mobility task mangers to present clear and concise data to executives. Manage your costs, plans, rules, and inventory with a click of your mouse. Access your data whenever and wherever you need it.


Synchronize your enterprise software platforms with hundreds of Pre-Built APIs**

**Don’t see your preferred enterprise software platform? GoExceed supports 99% of the platforms utilized by businesses today. Contact us to discuss your options. 


Advanced ordering system supported by a responsive team

A 7X faster ordering system integrated into the backbone of the carrier(s) business ordering portal to provide additional functions, savings, and control. Backed by a responsive USA-based help desk support team for all carrier requests with a focus on speed, automation, and high level customer service.

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“My Verizon rep kept promising me that I had the best wireless contract for my business. Well, turns out I didn’t. I allowed GoExceed to review my contract and they were able to re-negotiate my rates, discounts, ETF waivers, and more. I love Verizon and really wanted to keep their service, so for me, GoExceed’s contract negotiation services were perfect! My business gets to keep the same great cellular service and pay 23% less per year. Thanks!”

Business Owner/CEO

Mid-Size Shipping Company

“Our end users can be challenging at times because they don’t like change and they don’t like new technology. I was skeptical that we could even outsource end user support for our mobile devices; it turned out to be the best move we made this year. The biggest benefit was freeing up my engineers’ time so they could work on more important issues.”

IT Director

Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company

“What a game changer! Mobil(X) not only cut our wireless expenses on our 1200 devices by 30%, it allowed us to monitor our employees data usage when they traveled abroad.”

Telecommunications Manager

Canadian Based Construction Company

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