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More and more fortune 500 companies are leveraging refurbished phones to mitigate rising hardware costs, rising ETF fees, and maintaining non-contract data discounts.  GoExceed offers refurbished devices which can be a great compliment to your existing mobile strategy and offer your business a plethora of cost effective options.

We Stock Devices From Your Favorite Manufacturers

If your desired wireless device manufacturer is not listed above, please contact us today to choose from a variety of available options.


*Sales Of Refurbished Phones And Accessories Are Limited To Businesses/Companies Only. No Consumer Requests Please.

Why utilize GoExceed to purchase your refurbished devices and new accessories?


  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 30 Day Return Policy (No Questions Asked)
  • Every device receives a full assessment before it leaves our warehouse.
  • We test Speakers, Microphones, Screen, Buttons, Cameras, Batteries, Touch Sensors, Vibration Motors, Proximity Sensors, and MORE…


  • We stock new accessories for every mobile device
  • Over 36,000 accessories available including OtterBox, Speck, etc
  • More cost effective than purchasing accessories from mobile carriers
  • Make sure your employees have all the accessories they need while working domestically or internationally.

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