Automated Platform Delivers Efficiency Gains and 30%+ Average Savings on Wireless Spending

ELMHURST, IL — GoExceed, a market leader in data management automation software, unveils the latest iteration of Solve(X)—a cutting-edge platform for automated data and asset management. This release introduces new features that enhance efficiency and maximize the value of mobile spending.

Empowering Organizations Across the Spectrum

Comprehensive Mobility Management: Solve(X) (formerly Mobil(X)) caters to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises. It provides comprehensive tools for managing mobile devices and plans, offering a holistic view of over 1 million cellular connections.

Unlock Data, Empower Decisions: Solve(X) doesn’t stop at data—it translates it into actionable data value. For instance, by automatically analyzing device usage, it pinpoints where users exceed carrier plan limits, leading to additional fees. Armed with this knowledge, companies can take swift cost-cutting measures.

The Strategic Advantage

Complete Visibility: “One of the things that makes Solve(X) different is that we give you a complete view of your mobile plans and inventory, so you can make the best possible decisions about those resources,” said Bob Chvatal, the CEO and owner of GoExceed.

“Without that data, a lot of IT teams struggle to select the right carriers and plans for their team. We’re able to offer the necessary insights without exceeding budgets or forcing users to spend excessive amounts of time on oversight.”

About GoExceed

GoExceed, headquartered in Elmhurst, Illinois, was founded in 2001 and is a market leader in empowering decisions with data intelligence and AI. We simplify the challenge of managing overwhelming mobility data. We decode user behavior, ensure compliance, and streamline operations. The company achieves significant annual cost savings for clients, averaging 30%+, by employing Microsoft ChatGPT for its cutting-edge solution, Solve(X), all while preserving clients’ carriers and contracts. But it’s more than savings—it’s strategic impact.

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