Can emergency network backups drastically increase your enterprise cellular data costs? The answer is a resounding YES. If your IT department is equipped with network backup systems such as a Cradlepoint device, Meraki device, or any of the other popular WAN networking devices, the possibility of spending thousands of dollars in wireless data overages is extremely likely. Seamless network switchover is a feature that makes these devices so incredible for businesses. No downtime, no reduction in productivity, and no indication to your staff that there was an issue with your network. All are extremely positive features of WAN networking devices. However, it’s the seamless network switchover that can ultimately drive up wireless data costs for your business.

Real-Life Example:

GoExceed was recently contacted by a business that shared a very interesting experience of theirs with our staff. This particular company relied heavily on fiber optics from their ISP (Internet Service Provider), which served all their computers, laptops, tablets, hotspots, and desk phones in their office. Fiber optics, which can also be known as optical fiber, has to do with the technology that transmits information as light pulses along a glass or plastic fiber. As luck would have it, deteriorating sidewalks prompted construction crews to begin work right outside of their office building. One afternoon, a construction machine operator accidentally cut through several cables and in the process severed the business’ fiber optic internet connection. Instantly, the company’s Cradlepoint device kicked into action and seamlessly started running on 4G wireless data to restore internet data service for the business. Because their backup solution worked exactly as it should, no one realized there was an issue with their established fiber optic connection. This was where their issues started.

Due to the fact that most backup solutions are rarely activated, many companies choose to keep these devices on very low threshold data plans. This particular business had chosen the lowest data plan offered by their wireless carrier for their backup device. The minute their backup device detected the fiber outage, connectivity instantly transferred over to their 4G wireless network. Employees in the office had no idea that the switch from fiber to wireless had occurred and thus kept using their computers, laptops, tablets, hotspots, and desk phones as they had been previously. With a fiber optic ISP plan, their typical data usage would not have been an issue, but because the emergency wireless backup was initialized, they were charged PER gigabyte of data while utilizing their base data plan. This alone yielded $20,000 in wireless overage fees for the company, which was only halted when their ISP was able to repair the external fiber line to their office building.

Solve(X) Will Alert, Monitor, & Mitigate Costs:

How could this particular company have managed their fiber outage more effectively? Having an emergency backup solution in place was the first step in managing a fiber outage, but they were missing a data monitoring and mitigation solution. Solve(X), the industry’s only Wireless Expense Management (WEM) Solution built on Azure, INTERPRETS and REDUCES your monthly wireless charges by utilizing machine-learning technology and real-time data pool management while custom APIs IMPLEMENT savings directly with your wireless carriers. Not only does Solve(X) mitigate monthly expenses, built-in data monitoring will see data usage trending upward in real time and automatically place wireless devices on the correct wireless plans based on ACTUAL usage. Alerts will be sent out to IT personnel to indicate that your wireless devices are approaching data thresholds, which is pivotal in knowing that your emergency network backups have been activated. This feature alone will mitigate any data overage during your billing cycle and ensure that wireless devices and users are always kept in check. 

About GoExceed:

Founded in 2001, GoExceed is recognized as an industry leader in Wireless Expense Management (WEM) solutions. We service over 2 million enterprise wireless devices per year, and our clients range from midsize businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our comprehensive suite of management solutions has revolutionized the way companies manage their wireless accounts, devices, users, costs, data, cost centers, contracts, policies, and more. We firmly believe that innovation is not only the key to our success, but essential in an ever-changing wireless landscape across the world. GoExceed empowers businesses with real-time reporting and analytics, enabled by Microsoft Power BI, in order to proactively save time, money, and resources. Your success is what drives our passion for technology and innovation.

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