Tip 1

Eliminate unused devices and lines. Closing just 10 lines can equal savings of up to $1,000 a month!

Keeping a few lines open for emergencies and new hires is practical, but keeping 50 or more lines open is bordering on wasteful. Once a line has sat unused for three months, it should be reviewed and considered for possible suspension or deactivation.


Tip 2

Audit invoices every month. Billing errors happen (a lot more than you might think).

It’s important to ensure that your bill accurately reflects the discounted rates you so carefully negotiated. A discrepancy of only a few dollars equates to significant savings when applied to several hundred lines.

Some other common billing errors that we see regularly are deactivated lines that appear for additional billing cycles, duplicate billing, and unauthorized third party services.


Tip 3

Take advantage of promotional rates. Rate plans can be adjusted, even if you’re under contract.

Did you know that the major carriers typically release new promotions every three months? It’s important to check on these regularly (both consumer and business rates) and take advantage of them when appropriate.


Tip 4

Analyze your data. To make the best decisions for your business, you need a firm understanding of your problem areas.

Where are the overages? Are your data pools being underutilized? Why is the sales team racking up $300 a month in 411 fees? Did anyone realize that 43 lines have had zero usage for six or more months? These are common problem areas that can be identified and corrected by analyzing your mobile data usage. Implement a mobile expense management system to streamline and simplify this process.


Tip 5

Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate some more. Don’t assume that the contract your carrier offers is the only option available to you.

A successful contract negotiation can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. And the more lines you have, the more your carrier will be wiling to bend. But a successful negotiation takes time and preparation. Make sure you do your homework first and read our blog post on contract negotiation for advice on how to get started.

GoExceed provides expert guidance in wireless expense management and mobile device management. Utilizing years’ worth of real customer data, we develop comprehensive solutions designed to save time, save money and efficiently allocate resources across your entire mobile infrastructure.

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