IT Departments Are the Heartbeat of Business … Keep Them Safe!

The greatest and most important assets in any business are its employees. In a world that is heavily focused on technology and the ability to work remotely from places all over the world, IT departments have become crucial in maintaining wireless connections for front-line employees. This important position in the workforce leaves IT departments susceptible to serious illnesses and diseases through the transfer of bacteria from wireless devices.

Company end users rely on the IT staff to replace broken or nonfunctioning wireless devices on a daily basis. This practice alone is potentially harmful to the IT staff employees who are not only receiving the used devices, but servicing them. The practice of sending in devices for repair or trade-in potentially brings contaminants into the office, whereas devices shipping out are unlikely to be deeply cleaned and sanitized before deployment, jeopardizing the health and safety of your employees.

Mobile phones are typically brimming with bacteria, described by Time Magazine as being “10 times dirtier than a toilet seat”; Streptococcus and E. coli are commonly found on samples. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, it’s no question that mobile devices can harbor the virus. This situation calls for increased safety precautions just about everywhere, and this includes your IT department.

So how can your company procure or repair mobile devices while keeping employees safe?

GoExceed Can Help Your Business! 

Our solutions enable your business to manage IT equipment SAFELY. We can deploy devices to your employees directly, repair damaged devices, and support trade-in and recycling for old devices. We utilize ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to eliminate contaminants and sanitize devices. The devices never reach your office, eliminating the transmission of contaminants while keeping your office safe.


Manage Inventory with the GoExceed Inventory Portal:

The GoExceed Inventory Portal allows you to see all of your enacted mobile devices, their lifecycle stage, and track device progress right to end users. Always know when a device is shipped out, taken in, repaired, or replaced.

Read more about the GoExceed Inventory Portal


Automate With Your Helpdesk Ticketing System:

Our proprietary API integrations will integrate with your current helpdesk ticketing & procurement system in order to seamlessly manage all mobility requests. When end users request replacement devices, our system automatically sends return labels directly to the user so they may return their old device. These potentially contaminated devices are then received by GoExceed, sanitized, logged and processed in order to stop contaminated phones from ever reaching your office.

Learn More About Helpdesk Integration

Disposal & Recycle:

Sometimes devices cannot be redeployed, such as those potentially contaminated or physically damaged beyond repair. Our disposal and recycling solution offers safe and environmentally conscious disposal of your unwanted or broken devices.  Simply send those devices to us, and we’ll ensure that all sensitive data is wiped from the device before we comply with all local, state, and federal regulations to ensure devices are responsibly discarded.

Learn More About GoExceed’s Recycling Program


About GoExceed:

Founded in 2001, GoExceed is recognized as an industry leader in Wireless Expense Management solutions. We service over 2 million enterprise wireless devices per year, and our clients range from midsize businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our comprehensive suite of management solutions have revolutionized the way companies manage their wireless accounts, devices, users, costs, data, cost centers, contracts, policies, and more. We firmly believe that innovation is not only the key to our success, but essential in an ever-changing wireless landscape across the world. GoExceed empowers businesses with real-time reporting and analytics, enabled by Microsoft Power BI, in order to proactively save time, money, and resources. Your success is what drives our passion for technology and innovation. 

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